The Competitive Edge

The competitive edge of your business depends on the competitive edge of your people. The right investment in the individual provides a direct and sustained return.

Leadership and Executive coaching generally starts with a ‘chemistry’ meeting between the coach and coachee. This meeting is free with no obligation to continue. It will include understanding the objectives for the coaching programme and to check that the coachee is happy to work with the coach. Thereafter a tailored programme is designed, generally including feedback, one-to-one meetings, telephone and e-mail support and any psychometric profiling required. Most programs start from six sessions or until the coaching goals are achieved.

Coaching objectives can include:

  • Improving individual performance.
  • Team integration and communication.
  • Stress and time management.
  • Balancing work and home life.
  • Coping with increasing competition, changing markets and constant pressure to improve bottom line performance.
  • Staff motivation and retention.
  • Development of business strategy and goal setting.
  • Individual communication and presentation skills.
  • Managing change effectively.
  • Career and succession planning.
  • People running their own businessess that want to turbo boost performance, bounce ideas, or develop new business strategies.
  • Helping employees returning after maternity leave.
  • Supporting new or recently promoted employees to ensure they achieve their full potential quickly.

"Caroline, you are a superb coach!"

Wynford Dore, Founder and CEO, DDAT Ltd

"The difference in the coachee has been like night and day. The coach (Caroline Montagu) has done an outstanding job."

Kieran White, Managing Director, Coates Rentair

"The best cheque I have ever written"

Steve Soloman, Regional Manager, Royal Bank of Scotland. (Referring to coaching for 8 Area Managers in his team)

"I have worked in regulated sales for the past 20 years and good coaching is a critical success factor in this environment. I have yet to observe anyone with Caroline's ability - In my opinion, she is a naturally gifted coach. Your investment in time and money will be hugely rewarded if you fully harness Caroline's capabilities. To optimise your opportunity be prepared to enter in to a challenging and trusted relationship with a professional that will address the root cause of your development area. Working with Caroline is hugely enjoyable/rewarding and whether you are looking to become more effective in your current role or wanting to progress your career aspirations - You will not be disappointed with the outcome!"

Martin Bowmer UK Head of Sales, Commercial Wealth Management, HSBC PLC

"Working with Caroline has been a fascinating and very rewarding experience. She has helped me to de-clutter my thinking process and refocus my time and energy on things that will make a significant difference to the way I approach my job. The process has been inspirational."

Kelly Walsh, Managing Director, Consumer Group, Manning Selvage & Lee (P.R.)

"A pleasure working with you. You have made a real difference."

Colin Byrne, CEO UK & Ireland, Weber Shandwick (PR)

"The first thing I would note is that I found the sessions with Caroline hugely enjoyable and rewarding. Yes, Caroline can be extremely tough and challenging, however there was always a clear goal and reasoning involved and I felt as though the work was tailored to my specific areas of need. In summary, working with Caroline has allowed me to not only develop and employ better and more efficient working practices but has also provided an insight into my own personality and working preferences. This understanding has been hugely valuable in becoming a better team member and team manager in addition to my own development."

Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, Sega

"I worked with Caroline on several objectives that I felt I needed to address to allow me to progress to the next level in my career. Caroline constantly challenged me to think about things from a different perspective and gave me the confidence to feel that I could achieve whatever I put my mind to. I now feel that I know what I need to do in order to make that next career step and I am feeling inspired to achieve it."

Geoff Hutchinson, IT Development Manager, Penna

"My career so far has exposed me to several coaches and techniques but nobody quite like Caroline. Working with Caroline for a year has transformed the way I think, behave, operate and build teams. It has been a fantastic journey and the learnings I will take, and pass on to my management team, will significantly change my personal and team's performance. Caroline challenges you to unlock the answers to the challenges you face with such a personal, effective and encouraging style that after every meeting the excitement of putting our learnings into practice is overwhelming."

Neil Costello, Customer Development Manager, Aviva UK Life

"My level of motivation has improved, as has my confidence. I am sure that this is because I now feel a stronger part of the team and have a valued part to play. I feel that I am now a more complete Sales Director and can do much more of the total job. I am more self aware and have an awareness of the impact that I am having on my team and colleagues.
The sales team is more focussed because I am. They are more effective, because I am. All of this is currently being reflected in our order book and the prospect of a good year for sales.
I would undertake coaching again without hesitation, and recommend that if anyone has the chance to do it, that they should, and embrace it. Coaching was like having a best pal that poses tricky questions, without any hidden agenda, and listens to your response. I found it fairly emotional, generally enjoyable, tough and very beneficial."

Tim Judge, Sales Director, Linpac Storage Systems

"I entered the world of coaching as a highly sceptical and somewhat angry person; disappointed in my new position and very concerned about how I was going to settle into a role which was not consistent with my expectations. My scepticism was fuelled by the suspicion that I was being sent to a counsellor to be reprogrammed, so that I "fitted in" to the company more readily.
I could not have been more wrong! Caroline established her professionalism and no-nonsense approach at out first meeting. She quickly determined our key objective: helping me to operate more effectively, which in turn, would benefit my employer. Caroline also had the ability to establish a high level of trust in a short period of time so that instead of us having to work on developing a cooperative relationship, we launched into getting to grips with my dissatisfaction and solutions.
Caroline used a number of instruments (including Eqi) to help me understand how I view the world and we developed some really basic but useful filters and models to help me keep away from old and destructive habits as well as build on my successes. I turned the cultural differences and barriers into opportunities for improving working relationships. I find that I use the strategies which we developed on an ongoing basis and my level of satisfaction at work has significantly improved. I am also performing at an outstanding level and making a significant contribution to improved business performance.
Most importantly, Caroline has helped me develop a flexible operating style which benefits me in my current work situations as well as in my private life. The coaching sessions often come to mind and I am sure I will draw on my learnings for many years. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline Montagu as an extremely effective coach; someone who is giving & empathetic and yet challenging; highly intelligent and perceptive; a true professional who genuinely wants to help executives improve their performance."

Vice President of International Retail Group

"Much coaching is theoretical. Caroline Montagu understands the theory, but she is above all very practical. I found her coaching of immediate and enduring help in how I actually do my job better - not just how I ought to. She has taught me how to work with colleagues more effectively. Her coaching has brought clear and tangible benefits both to me and to Martin Currie."

Ross Leckie, Director, Martin Currie Investment Management Ltd

"Having reflected on the whole coaching experience, I have got a huge amount of value from it and have really enjoyed all of the time we have spent together, even though it was exhausting at times. Thank you again and I will stay in touch."

Jenifer Richmond, People & Change Director, Arriva UK Regions

"Caroline Montagu has coached many of the senior management team at Hobbs through an important period of change. She has a flexible approach to the variety of styles and development needs of the team. She has helped them increase their self awareness, develop their management styles and improve effectiveness. Having a confidential, caring, but challenging coach has enabled them to gain clarity, deal with issues more confidently, and develop strategies and goals to achieve better results. Coaching continues to be an important investment in our team and in Hobbs future success."

Mike Spearing, Retail General Manager, Hobbs Ltd

"Coaching has allowed for a cleaner more structured thought process to take place, enhancing confidence in the development/achievement of all aspects of my work/life"

Penny Green, Area Manager, Hobbs Ltd

"The opportunity to stop and focus and reflect with someone…... and I feel rewarded by the process."

Simon Arthur, Product Manager, Hobbs Ltd

"I feel speaking to Caroline has enabled me to perform more effectively and give me greater insight into my decision making processes"

Hilary Will, Area Manager, Hobbs Ltd

"Dear Caroline,
As we have now, sadly, reached the end of the current series of coaching sessions, I wanted to thank you for the invaluable help that you have given me in achieving the objectives that I set out at our first meeting. The way in which we have been able to analyse the particular issues that have been holding me back in achieving my full potential has been as enlightening as the solutions themselves. I believe that the seven sessions have contributed more to my development as an effective manager and member of the Board, than all of the training courses that I have been on put together! I feel that I now have the tools to be able to make the transformation from good to great and enjoy the confidence to put them into practice."

Chris Aylward, Director of Business Development, Moss Pharmacy

"Caroline Montagu is a versatile, warm and highly professional coach. Her unwavering support has undoubtedly helped my major goal to become a reality far more quickly than I could have done it alone, and I recommend her unreservedly."

A.L. H.R. Director, West Sussex

"My first conversation with Caroline was as a total sceptic and reluctant participant.
It has been a tough journey but Caroline's honesty, guidance and expertise has unlocked potential and confidence that I never knew existed in me. I am now an enthusiastic convert."

Phil Shortman, Divisional Director, Wates Construction Ltd.

"Caroline is a tough and straightforward coach and at the same time sincere and caring. She has the ability to pick out the real issue and to give feedback in a clear and concise manner. Caroline helped me achieve my goal by asking well posed questions. This made me really think about what I wanted and how I was going to get it. She knew I had the answers in me and she made sure I found them. It was such a pleasure working with Caroline to achieve my goal."

Angie Howden-Duke, Network Support, Community Fund

"Coaching with Caroline has been really good. Every time I have a session I feel refreshed and good about myself. Professionally I am better at knowing how to achieve things and deal with people. I am more confident to take control and really feel the benefits. Coaching with Caroline is great and worthy of praise."

Philip Browne, Director of Marketing and Sales, Killick and Co (Stockbrokers)

"My time with you has been highly valued and I take away some new ways of thinking that will help me in my continued drive to achieve higher personal standards in all aspects of the job I do today and the job I go to. I very much hope that I will be able to spend some more time with you as things develop in this new world for me"

Eric Allen, Vice-President Sales for Europe, Africa and Middle-East, Amdocs

"I have just completed a course of coaching sessions with Caroline and have found them inspirational, thought provoking and energising. Caroline helped me analyse my strengths and development areas in detail which has in turn helped me grow further within my role.
I felt Caroline’s coaching style allowed me the luxury of taking the time needed to look at each aspect of my professional life and review working methods, practises and my own management style and those around me, to which I have found invaluable moving forward.
I thank Caroline for her words of wisdom and encouragement during my coaching sessions and would highly recommend her to any future client."

Sue Prince, Operations Manager, Berkeley Scott Group

"Caroline is an excellent coach. I found her style to match quite well with my own. I also think her prior industry experience is important to being effective with people like myself. Caroline is engaging, high energy, and intelligent. Caroline did not exhibit any of the characteristics which I would have found annoying such as being preachy, trying to stick to a prescribed method, or over analyzing situations. Instead, she let analyze my own situation and helped me form action points and a plan. Overall, I really enjoyed working with her and would highly recommend her in the future."

Brett Tejpaul, MD, Barclays Capital

"So many thanks again for all the help, insights and guidance you provided last year. I gave a big thumbs up without hesitation in my assessment of the executive coaching experience. I hope others will continue to benefit from such coaching as I feel I have, not just in the SCS stakes, but in my overall performance (an example I gave was that at a couple of recent training courses I have been told I come across very well and have good presence - something I would not have expected a year ago!)"

Ian Manson, Director S&T Capability and Alignment Study, Ministry of Defence

"Working with Caroline has been an immensely rewarding experience. Yes, it has been challenging at times and now and again I found myself in slight discomfort as I gained new insights around my behaviours and their impact on others, however, Caroline's firm but empathetic coaching style has really enabled me to discover a newer and much improved way of working. Thank you Caroline!"

Mihir Pandya, Fraud Manager, Allianz

"I'm simply writing to say how much I enjoyed our final meeting the other day. I'm absolutely clear that you helped me to make some huge steps forward in so many ways. As you know when we first met I'd been in my new role for just under a year. Through your coaching I've been able to build a new found confidence through which the quality & frequency of my contribution has improved tremendously. In short I believe I have been able to put the "transition issues" & process & all the uncertainties & private inner turmoil that goes with it well & truly behind me.
If I had to pick on a couple of outcomes that have made the most difference to me it would be the feedback you obtained which was of such quality & depth it far surpassed that available through the usual 360 process.
But I think THE most important outcome was that I can now be proud of & recognise my own interventions/work/ideas/interactions in a way that previously I found impossible. Being my own worst critic just didn't go far enough to describe my previous attitude!
Once again very many thanks for all your help support & ideas Caroline."

Keith Culling, Regional Manager, London Region, Allianz Insurance plc

"I just wanted to write a note to say 'thank you' - again! I had some feedback yesterday that those who previously had reservations about me in my new role have now had enough new positive experience with me to leave those reservations behind. This wouldn't have been possible without your advice and support."

Director, Barclays Capital

"My sessions with Caroline really helped me to pause and think about how I go about my job and how I could do it better. Caroline helped me reflect on what my key priorities are, organise myself better, and delegate more effectively. Overall the coaching has given me clarity on what I need to do, and what others need to do, to add greater value to the company"

Martin Hibbert, Finance Director, Arriva PLC

"I have worked with Caroline on-and-off for over 4 years. At first, Caroline helped me to adjust to a new sector, with a different pace and style of working. Then, after a promotion, Caroline was a major support in coaching me to grow into the role to achieve some great business results. As a result of our work together, I am equipped with some tools to do better, and the turn-around of my department's results and performance speak volumes for what Caroline has helped me to achieve. But moreover, I have had an aide and confidante behind the scenes who has helped me develop, build my confidence, and most of all aid me in being a better coach myself - of myself, of my team, and of my colleagues around me. I always know that she's a call away if ever I need some support and help. Highly recommended!"

Sales & Marketing Director for a multi-billion pound turnover business

"I had two specific goals from my coaching sessions with Caroline. 1. To develop and improve for a key business role following feedback from the Executive Committee 2. To achieve great results for some specific business tasks. Our coaching sessions provided me with the opportunity to think and be creative, to really consider options and finally to get an implementation plan. Caroline asked the difficult questions and provided the atmosphere and time to be creative and think things through. The positive feedback I received about my performance tells me that the coaching sessions were a success"

Darren Kehoe, Commercial Director, Wates Living Space

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