Coaching is about making good performers better.

It enhances self-awareness and provides a catalyst for personal development. Coaching focuses on the issues that are essential for the success of the individual. It provides challenge, increases clarity of purpose and stimulates new thinking that enables executives to achieve their full potential faster. Therefore coaching is fundamentally different from training, mentoring or therapy.

Research conducted by The International Personnel Management Association showed that following training employee productivity increased by just over 22%, whereas training combined with coaching produces an increase in productivity of 88%. Coaching in the workplace positively impacts the bottom line. A survey of coaching clients conducted by The International Coaching Federation concluded that 98.5% said that their investment in coaching was well worth it.

Not only does coaching focus on establishing and achieving business goals via improvement of individuals performance, but it is increasingly seen as an employee benefit, reflecting the company’s approach to supporting and investing in their people. The contribution of coaching is also recognised by Investors In People.

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