EAST Development Program Analysis


In early 2011 I designed and ran five one-day workshops for 60 staff based at the Southwest London head office of EAST, high-street fashion retailer. Staff were from all levels, from senior management to junior administrators. The workshop focused on their personal effectiveness. Immediate course evaluation was very positive with impact scores of 9/10 in most areas. However, the true measure is in what changes are sustained and the longer term impact of development programmes. The course outline follows, with analysis of results six months after the workshop was completed.


To develop all staff to be more effective personally and as part of wider teams.

By improving personal effectiveness, influence of others, assertiveness, collaboration and team working, all staff will contribute to a better working environment, morale, responsibility, focus and higher performance.


By the end of the workshop delegates will be able to:

Self Management

  • Understand their role objectives
  • Prioritise and plan work
  • Manage their time and energy to be most effective
  • Set SMARTER goals
  • Get motivated and overcome procrastination

Working with others

  • Refresh their knowledge of different personality types
  • Be able to adapt their style to influence all types
  • Understand assertiveness and communicate with confidence
  • Manage others’ expectations and manage your manager!
  • Be more effective in meetings
  • Understand and contribute to team working
  • Use their new knowledge to problem solve more effectively

Self development

  • Give and receive feedback constructively
  • Develop a plan for seven new habits



Trainer led theory, discussions and role play activities based on delegates’ own challenges goals and real life situations

The East Development Program Analysis is based upon the answers of 9 randomly chosen respondents. The headline learns were: Time Management, being Assertive and Delegation; 75% of which are used daily.

What are the participants doing differently?


How has your change in approach impacted on your own results and those around you?

On average the participant’s results improved by 33% across all aspects taught during the course and metrics for individuals improved the most. The highest impact was observed in the amount of responsibility that the participants started to take on after the course (a 44% increase). Their own effectiveness and confidence have also seen marked increases (42%).

Positive impacts were also observed in teams. The strongest impact was seen in the effectiveness of delegation (a 32% increase) and the overall effectiveness (a 31% increase).



What were the impacts of the course upon the company?

Following the course, participants were able to observe an increase in the overall efficiency of their work. Over time this has translated into an overall increase in impact to the business. The biggest changes were seen in staff retention (an increase of 42%), motivation (33%) and overall morale (32%).


How has the program influenced each participant?


In what way has the course helped to influence the following? (individual responses)



Participants’ overall impression of the EAST Development program




The participants found the EAST Development program beneficial for their further development and work confidence. Most participants described improvements in their behaviours translated into an improved quality of performance.

The analysis shows that this program allows them to think and see outside of the box, encourages them to take on more responsibility (44% increase), become more effective and confident (42% increase). Overall individuals increase in all areas of personal effectiveness by an average of 33%.

Motivation and morale was sustained at over 30% after six months. Staff retention was perceived to improve by 42%, The course provides a good framework for more effective team working and helps to deliver better results.

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