‘Affordable 1-Day Coaching Skills Intensive’

Accelerate your coaching skills in one day for under £250 (including VAT!)

Leadership demands in today’s market are more complex than ever before.

Times have changed, expectations have changed, and skills required to excel have changed.

Coaching skills for leaders are now an essential tool for business success.

Do you experience any of this:

  • My team aren’t performing at a high enough level – they aren’t as engaged and motivated as they need to be.
  • I’m feeling the pressure that the ideas and the results are all down to me.
  • I’m expected to deliver more results with less resources every quarter.

If you’re anything like the executives and leaders I spend my days coaching and mentoring:

  • You don’t have time for days, weeks or months of development in a classroom!
  • You don’t have spare thousands of pounds to invest in the learning that can transform your overall results!
  • You need to find a way to accelerate your team’s performance!

There has been so much demand from my clients for solutions. And massive evidence that the tools and strategies I teach, make an immediate difference. In response I have launched an affordable, powerful solution and I want you to give it genuine consideration:

This is what I am offering you and your colleagues:

A one day ‘Coaching Success’ Intensive Workshop

18th May 2012, 8am-5pm

Central London

And you can sign up today for less than £250 (includes VAT)

In the Workshop you’ll learn how to:

  • Coach individuals & teams confidently.
  • Get the best from each person on all projects.
  • Double your team’s performance in one day.
  • Dramatically improve business results.
  • Develop the highest performing teams.
  • Accelerate your personal success.

Smart leaders are doing this now!


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