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Coaching gives you the opportunity to identify the goals you really want to achieve, both personally and professionally. It helps you develop self-awareness and introduces simple but effective techniques to help you move forward and deliver the results you really want. Coaching can also boost your self-confidence, personal power and self-worth as you achieve each goal and the life you want.

Coaching is about investing in your future. You can choose personal coaching, if you wish to personally invest in your career review and acceleration, or executive coaching funded by your company, enabling you to explore further career success in your organisation. As your coach I will work confidentially and in partnership with you to provide you with the inspiration, support and motivation you require. This means that you can make the changes you’ve been wanting to undertake for ages, and find the focus you’ve been looking for.

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"Caroline saved my career. I started as a grumpy discontent; after 6 sessions with Caroline I was confident, articulate and convincing about myself and my work. Everyone noticed the difference in me - my chairman, CEO and board members, included. In our sessions Caroline was sensitive, insightful, and just hugely ambitious to make a success of me. Thank you, Caroline."

Martin Ripley, Head of Assessment, Policy and Development Programme, QCA (Qualifications and Curriculum Authority).

"In the beginning I wasn’t sure what coaching offered, but the benefits soon became clear. It provided the opportunity to look at how I approached work and allowed me to talk through alternative approaches to real life work situations in a safe, low risk, non threatening environment. More importantly by encouraging me to work through the issues myself, coaching gave me the confidence to try these alternative approaches out in the workplace. I quickly realised that by being aware of the areas I needed to work on and the things I could do about them I could make huge leaps in terms of personal effectiveness and as importantly it also showed me that while there were areas I could improve, it wasn’t all bad.
Best wishes and thanks again, Campbell."

Dr M C McCafferty, Fast Stream Grade Manager, MOD

"Caroline's very enabling approach offered insight, inspiration and practical support when I was at the lowest point of my career.
The techniques used to set goals and identify the concrete steps to achieve them proved invaluable in restoring my sense of personal power and my potential to realise new ambitions.
Ultimately impacting on all aspects of my life, sessions with Caroline have been an incredibly efficient and effective investment of time and energy. With her help I now feel I understand better the motivations and outcomes which matter most to me."

YC, Research Director, London

"At the greatest crossroads and most beleaguered period of my life, Caroline Montagu's skills empowered me to entirely restore my own confidence. By meticulously detailing my position and familiarising my strengths, I identified a series of goals. I then put strategies in place to achieve these goals in all elements of my life. My recent achievements have been the most fulfilling; furthermore, with understanding and reasoned belief in myself, I will continue to achieve my goals."

H.F. Sales Manager, London

"Dear Caroline
Just a short note to thank you enormously for the excellent 'coaching' I received from you.
I thoroughly enjoyed the process and felt that it certainly helped me to focus on my goals and aspirations, giving me the impetus I needed to take the next steps in my new career. I would also like to add that I found your approach very professional and your manner very caring."

Terri Wood, Ex-H.R. Director HSBC

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